Quantra®: the innovative bleeding management solution.

Image of Quantra analyzer by Stago and HemoSonicsThis innovative vitro diagnostic platform is designed to assess a patient’s coagulation status by measuring changes in viscoelastic properties of a blood sample during clot formation in critical care settings where bleeding could be a concern.

A fully automated device, the Quantra analyser is designed for use by clinical staff with no specialised training, requires less than one-minute hands-on time, and provides easy-to-interpret actionable information to guide the management of critical bleeding in 15 minutes.

The Quantra is based on a patented technology, Sonic Estimation of Elasticity via Resonance (SEER) Sonorheometry which uses high frequency ultrasound to measure the shear modulus (clot strength) of whole blood during coagulation, and can offer faster time-to-results, and increased sensitivity to weak clots compared to traditional viscoelastic testing systems.

Two cartridges are available; QPlus (cardiovascular and major orthopaedic surgery) and QStat (trauma and critical care and liver transplant) and provide a comprehensive measurement of coagulopathic parameters

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