General Manager Message

Stago’s first mission is to provide health professionals with reliable, powerful and innovative haemostasis diagnostic tools in looking for a way to improve prevention, understanding, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of coagulation-related pathologies.
I am pleased to introduce Stago ANZ and the outstanding people who work for this organisation.
After 60 years in the haemostasis field and widely regarded as a leader in the industry, Diagnostica Stago decided to establish a subsidiary in Australia and New Zealand in 2008. The establishment of the ANZ subsidiary provided an opportunity to expand on this mission and build relationships within a market well advanced in these areas of pathology.

Our formula for success is simple: we strive to attract the most capable people possible, we maintain a work environment that focuses on the needs of our customers, and the company with the strong backing of the parent in France, provides the necessary financial and technical resources to maximise results.

Our guiding principle with our clients is that the relationship is not just for one transaction but for the long term. This view encourages closer partnerships, better understanding of our client’s issues and a greater commitment to servicing their needs at all times.

We believe that for a company to succeed it must differentiate itself from its competition, and in many respects our company is unique within our industry.

Some of the characteristics which assist us in this are:
  • Relative to the size of our business and the market share we hold in coagulation in the ANZ market we are a smaller organisation able to respond rapidly to the requirements of our clients. This facilitates speed and efficiency.
  • Our company is privately owned. This allows us to take a long term view with respect to both operations and financial planning and not be unduly influenced by quarter to quarter results.
  • Our company experiences very limited turnover of personnel. This means the individuals working with our clients are experienced and well trained.
  • We regularly survey our clients to understand their requirements and act upon delivering in the areas identified.
  • We believe our company enjoys a reputation for high integrity and ethical behaviour.
I think you will find a relationship with Stago ANZ to be extremely rewarding. We welcome the opportunity to assist you with your haemostasis requirements.

Sandrine RICHARD
General Manager