The scalable and adaptable solution for all your projects

All of the models in the STA R Max range have a universal connection mode, meaning they can be integrated into any automated track on the market.

All versions of the STA R Max can handle capped tubes, plus the system architecture will let you add an urgent sample tube manually, even in connected mode.

Their large internal rack capacity adapts perfectly to all types of tube flows while maintaining an optimum TAT (turnaround time). 

The analyser is designed to avoid all unnecessary moving of tubes on the track. This makes the system fully compatible with a lean approach, since a tube can be stored on the analyser through to the technical validation of the patient file, after which it is released. This prevents the automated track from being “clogged up” with Haemostasis tubes waiting to be processed (pending reruns and additional parameters). It also removes Haemostasis-specific constraints (no need to store in a refrigerated cabinet or to set up a temporary storage module for Haemostasis tubes on the track), as reruns and parameter additions are ended once the tube is released.

It is for all these reasons that over 250 analysers from the STA-R and STA R Max families were installed worldwide in 2018.