Successful induction

The internal Training Centre provides Stago employees with the appropriate knowledge of the field of Haemostasis, our products and techniques. A team of experts delivers these training courses throughout the year. In this way, everyone can do their job under the best conditions as soon as they join the company.

The training courses are modular according to each employee’s knowledge and professional background. They have to meet the requirements and objectives of each job:

  • For Support functions, it covers an understanding of how the company operates and its business as a whole,
  • For employees working directly with products and/or customers, it covers scientific, technical and commercial courses adapted to the job level.

Employees can access the different training modules throughout their careers. Some training courses may become mandatory after a job change in the company to acquire or boost your expertise.

Example of support for a new hire:

All marketing/sales profiles, whether Sales Representative, Technical Customer Support or Product Manager, automatically follow a complete training path on arrival.

They will cover theoretical and practical issues:

  • Availability of various courses at the training centre
  • Visit to our various sites
  • Accompanied by experienced colleagues in the field
  • Customer contacts
  • Internship in hospital laboratory if necessary

The objective is to give the most complete vision of the business possible:

  • “Product” know-how
  • Scientific and medical knowledge of haemostasis
  • Perception of “customer” needs and problems

To reassure employees and make them efficient upon taking up the job, which will mean better customer service

Florence C., Haemostasis Project Manager (R&D), Gennevilliers – France

"I joined Stago in 2002 when I finished my engineering course. First in the Quality Control department, and then six months later in R&D, I was able to learn more about the company and the diversity of careers in it. When Stago offered me a job in the Haemostasis department in Reagent R&D, my first work was on research projects. The regular sharing of experience that I enjoyed was of great benefit. Since 2006, I’ve moved on to development projects which have helped me build up my project management skills. In parallel, with the expansion of Stago, I’ve been able to build up a team and find out about management.
The different projects I get given, the opportunity that Stago gives me to take part in international conferences, and a great many courses mean I carry on learning every day."